Current Projects

Current Projects and on-going costs

Luweero, Uganda Location

1. Purchase a generator for the production well at a cost of $1177

2. Chapel/Training Center – Construction will take place in 2017. The center will be a multi-purpose building. It will be used as a training center, meeting facility and a place to tutor students.

Cost: $9,000 - Amount yet to be raised: $9,000

3. Support for 7 employees, fuel, medicine, farm supplies, school fees and misc. expenses.

Cost: $2,274./month - Amount yet to be raised: $2,274

Bogoro, DR Congo Location

1. Purchase personal items for orphans; bedding, mosquito nets, and other household supplies: Mattress @ $25each, Nets @ $5 ea., sheets @ $10 ea., Blankets @ $10 ea., Shoes @ $15 ea

2. Assist with School fees for 100 students: $562/month - Amount to be raised: $562/month

3.  Support for 3 employees, fuel, school fees,  medical and veterinary expenses

Cost: $1,698/month,  amount yet to be raised - $1,698

4. Safe water for Bogoro, drill a deep well.  Approximate cost $11,000  Amount needed $2,000

4. Purchase of 3 head of cattle @ $300 ea.

Cost: $900 - Amount to be raised: $900

 Please be consider giving to these projects!