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The eager, smiling faces of the future of Africa!

Mission Statement:
The purpose of Hope Centers for Children of Africa is to come to the aid of orphaned children in Africa.
Hope Centers for Children of Africa (HCCA) began with one mission in mind; come to the aid of orphaned children. As the ministry grew, it became apparent that widows who were caring for the orphans needed assistance as well. Today six hundred children live in “Host Family” homes. Most “Host Families” are headed by widows. A micro loan program was implemented to assist in establishing means of income for the widows.
Baraka Academy
Baraka Academy is second to none in all of Bunia!  In a community of over 100,000 people, Baraka Academy is the first school to have its own library.
Today six hundred orphaned/abandoned children have hope because they are able to attend school!  Add another four hundred children and you find a bustling school setting at Baraka Academy. Children of staff and others living in the area attend Baraka Academy as well. We believe the additional four hundred children assist the orphans in becoming a part of the community as a whole.
The children come to Baraka Academy:
  • Speaking Swahili
  • Begin learning French, the official language of
    DRC and are taught in French throughout their
    time at Baraka Academy
  • Begin learning English in third grade
All children must pass government tests in order to advance to the next grade.



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